Blue Bar

Blue Bar is a body of work about uncertainty as well as the inner desire of personal research, which is strong part of the human nature. These concepts gain importance especially when related to the current crisis, which is affecting modern societies.

All photographs have been taken in the Delta region of the longest Italian river, called Po, which lies below sea level, which leads to the idea that the territory is constantly threatened by massive flooding and therefore can disappear at any time, as it has already happened in the past several times.

Here, this particular landscape is used as a metaphor to descrive a more universal human condition.

The Blue Bar itself is something you are looking for, but it might not even exist. The title is also related to that feeling blue, which Luigi Ghirri – in his essays – refers to when it describes the feelings one gets when hitting the above-mentioned river. The Bar is a symbolic place where to gather after work, but it is also a place the where a roamer can rest. Melancholy and uncertainty are the reasons why some people are dragged to wandering around particular areas, seeking something without always knowing exactly what.

A sense of melancholy and loss pervades you whilst you are moving in that territory. It is a place where everybody would want to leave, but at the end all of them stay and deal with this circular way of living, which seems to be always the same. There is so much meaning in the traces people leave in the bleak landscape.

The body of work consists of 59 images and will become a book thanks to the support and trust of Artphilein Editions in Lugano. It is the second part of a trilogy about today’s human conditions started with my first volume I wish the world was even, published in April 2019.