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This is a body of work about precariousness and uncertainty of life using the Delta Region of the longest Italian river as a metaphor.

You can't do pretty much about "feeling blue" except for looking for a Bar, which happens to be called "Blue Bar" and stands along a small canal by the river .


Once you find it, many things get cleared up and pieces start being easy to put together. 

Blue Bar
MatteoDiGiovanni_I Wish the World Was Ev

That's the result of a journey from Milan to the northernmost point of continental Europe and back, done at the end of 2015 in order to explore the idea of the limit.


It's a body of work about hope, strength, challenge, exploring human limitations and fears.


The landscape is shown in a lyrical way, avoiding any temporal and geographical connotation. 

I wish the world was even

What's your homeland when you don't have roots?


You were just born in a place you call home, but you have nothing to do with it.

You can just be looking for traces.

You take bits and pieces from the places where you've lived in.


Traces - Ongoing

The transition between analogue and digital seemed to be something unstoppable. Years after analogue photography as well as the so-called hybrid photography are still strong among artists who use photography for a variety of purposes.


This body of work digs into the materiality of the medium - which deals with light - which everybody considered dead in the name of ease, velocity and potentiality of digital photography.


Darkroom Scraps - Ongoing